We are dedicated to doing more for our partners and patients.

Our Approach

Every partnership is a step forward in the right direction for patients. Our experienced team customizes their approach to novel innovative medicines. We are proactive and pursue product reviews with a sense of urgency. Expertise and experience combine to launch parallel assessments across regulatory affairs, product supply, competitive landscape, pricing, and reimbursement.

With this approach we deliver recommendations and commercial strategies for optimal introduction of innovative therapeutic solutions. By identifying opportunities and barriers across several functional pillars simultaneously, we can avoid delays and introduce new medicines in Canada as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our Partners

We are passionate about partnerships – together we can expand the impact of global science for patients and healthcare providers in Canada.

Your Strategic Partner

Kye specializes in in-licensing prescription medicines, offering expertise in the Canadian landscape from registration through to commercialization. Our integrated and entrepreneurial approach is fundamental to our organization and cultivates collaborative long-term relationships with our partners.

Connect with Kye

If you have branded innovative medicines and an interest in collaborating to make them accessible in Canada, we would like to hear from you.